'Black Hawk Down', 'Platoon', 'Enemy at the Gates', 'Die Hard', who doesn't know these movies? If you want to experience a real life military tour of duty for a day or a weekend, you're welcome at Military X-Perience! Situated on
various terrains in Belgium, MXP offers daily 'action - adventure - adrenaline' missions based on the famous movies for instance rescueing a downed pilot in a warzone. For 65,-, you will get a recruitkit which contains a military uniform, safetygoggles, 550 bullets, a replica machinegun (AK47, G36, Uzi, MP5, M16) and then you will be ready for action!


You can book a daily MXP tour as a private or a company with at least 15 persons. If you do not reach the 15 persons you can attend the weekly skirmishes. For more information, please send an e-mail to

Link to MXP videotrailer on YouTube: